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Texaco gasification power systems for clean energy

Convegni Tematici ATI - 1991 Milano - La gassificazione del carbone e degli idrocarburi pesanti per la produzione di energia elettrica

Autore: M.E. Quintana, P.W. Thone

The Texaco Gasification Power Systems integrate Texacos proprietary gasification technology wth proven power generation and energy recovery schemes for efficient and environmentally-superior fuel utilisation. Texaco's commercial experience on gasification spans a period of over 40 years. During this time, the Texaco Gasification Process has beeen used primarily to manufacture synthesis gas for chemical applications in one hundred commercial installations world-wide.
Power generation using the Texaco Gasification Power Systems (TGPS) concept has been successfully demonstrated at the Texaco-sponsored Cool Water Coal Gasification Program in California. The environmental superiority of this technology was demonstrated by the consistent performance of Cool Water n exceeding the strict emission standards of the state of California, Currently, several TGPS projects are under evaluation world-wide for power generation in the range of 90MW to 1300MW.

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